I'm a web product manager

With 5 years of experience as a web product manager specialized in community sites and platforms, I am passionate about the web and building features to please users, and I get a kick out of websites that are clean, fast, simple, and beautiful <3.

Over the years my work has ranged from B2B and B2C front office platforms to back-office tools for internal audiences. I excel at driving these projects from start to finish no matter what it takes, translating strategy into functional needs, scoping resources and planning, creating super specs mockups, and gathering and managing talent developers, designers, integrators, copy writers or adapting my own skills when necessary.

Attention to detail is my personal mission statement and it can really keep me up at night. To that end, I am laser-focused on who my users are and the type of journey they seek, but I also keep track of their actual experience and adapt to meet their expectations.

Currently @eYeka.
Previously @Enablon and @Microsoft.

eYekabeta: A Complete Overhaul of the Community Website

A work in progress dedicated to our English community:

  • Co-created with the community
  • Responsive design (web, tablet, mobile)
  • Lean startup approach
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Pulse: Fast, Text-based Responses to Small Questions

A Twitter like, 140 characters, question-answers system:

  • Top answers - My answers display
  • Dynamic submit-cancel system
  • Play in a row game mode
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beYond: Project, Media and Ideas Management

Clients platform that allows them to access, manage, comment on and share projects' results.

  • Project steps validation system
  • Media management (collection, favorites, likes and kudos)
  • Rights management and sharing tools (from internal to external stakeholders)
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Internal Tools

Back office platform for Community Managers, Project Managers, Sales and Leadership Team members

  • Media and answers moderation (bucket system, assignation, comments, emailing, status)
  • Project management (project editorial and design, dashboard and analytics, activation and winners management)
  • Data export and key metrics display
Internal Access